Everyone who goes to movies see all the latest and greatest movie posters as they go into the theaters for upcoming movies – at least the ones that producers hope will be great hits of the season. Ever wonder what the elements are that make for great movie posters? Well, there are several elements that designers take into consideration when they are creating these posters, such as:

Grabs their attention – Certainly one of the most important aspects is that the poster grabs the attention of everyone who sees it – enough to make them want to see the movie. In many cases they are quite flashy, but some of the best ones use characters from the movie to grab interest of passersby. Big name stars are often effective to generate attention.

Exciting Images – Imagery is another essential characteristic of a great movie poster. It uses some type of design that catches the eye, illustrates the aspect of the story without giving away the plot of the story. Many of these utilize sex appeal to grab the attention of the movie goers, but it also gives just a bit genre of the story, such as romance, horror, adventure, drama, or comedy.

Interesting Subjects – The movie poster designers also understand that the subject must be interesting, and their greatest aim is to put the viewer in the middle of a scene from the movie. The intent is to make the moviegoer so curious about the movie that they must go see the movie to find out what happens that led up to the picture in the poster – and even more important, to create the desire to find out what happens afterwards.

Alluring – Another aspect is that the movie poster must be appealing or alluring to fans. Most true fans look for upcoming movies starring their favorite actors, ones being produced by their favorite producers, or ones being directed from their favorite directors. They specifically look for the movie to be released and the additional intent is to create enough appeal for the movie to create new fans.

Technique – The style of the movie poster is also very important. Whether the movie is expected to be a blockbuster, or if it’s an artsy film, the style has to be comparable to the aspect of the movie. For example, a comic-book style of font or characters would be as inappropriate for a poster for a historical drama as an elegant style would be for a movie that is a spoof or comedy.

Durability – The appeal of the movie poster must be one that is able to survive the test of time; meaning it must be as appropriate for the movie theater as it will be for the DVD cover that will be released at a later date.

Memorable – Last, it addition to being memorable, if it’s a sequel, it must be recognizable that it’s connected to the previous movie – particularly if the original movie was a big hit. The chances are very good that if the original was a great success, then the sequel will be an equal or greater success.

The designers of movie posters make great efforts to ensure that their posters encompass all these aspects when they are creating the images to draw crowds to the next great film.

Everyone has seen movie posters if they have gone into a theater, or even if they have walked or driven by one. There are always plenty of posters of upcoming movies, and some are ones that moviegoers will remember for a long time, both because they are very good, or because they were downright awful. There are a variety of elements that go into determining what movie posters are the best and which ones are the worst.

The Worst of the Worst

There are many elements that go into making movie posters, but when those elements are forgotten or ignored, then it goes onto the list of one of the worst. When looking at the worst one, ones that come to mind have these qualities:

If all the actors in the movie are included in the picture in addition to all elements that give away the story, it’s a bad poster.

Posters that are deemed to be juvenile, tasteless, classless, unoriginal, or crass all fall into the category of poorly created pieces and particularly if the designers have poor Photoshop skills to create a sight gag.

Other signs that the poster is poorly designed are if people and things in the poster are out of proportion – unless it’s the story of Gulliver and the Lilliputians.
Posters that utilize a variety of fonts and more colors than are available on the color chart or generally pretty bad; particularly if they are so busy, the viewers can’t tell anything about the purpose of the movie.

The Best of the Best

When people take the elements of artistic designs for movie posters that are appealing, interesting, and stylish, these are considered to be the aspects that create the best movies.

Some of the most intriguing posters are ones that creatively combine two great icons to portray the storyline of the movie – particularly appealing if the icon is a major player in the story.

Posters that are classy and tantalizing that enthrall the viewer and encourage them to want to come see the movie because it looks intriguing are always a great bet for being on the best movie poster list.

When the artwork on the poster is created by an incredibly talented artist and incorporate the great elements of design, color, proportion, and creativity, lead the poster to be placed on the list of best posters.

Works that immediately invoke feelings in the viewer are generally excellent; particularly if they are eerie and use the appropriate shadows and lighting that inspires something spooky is about to happen. The only thing missing is the creepy music that always precedes the impending disaster.

There are some characters that can be portrayed in the poster that don’t even require the name of the movie to be printed on the poster because people automatically know what the movie is about. One is particular is the “Winnie the Pooh” movie that simply shows Winnie, Eyore, Tigger, and the other characters floating on a sea of honey in a honey pot.

Even though the poster is really bad or quite good, it doesn’t always reflect whether the move will be good or not; however, the quality of the poster always draws in the crowds or makes them want to run away screaming.

The “Golden Age” of film has been heralded as the age from the 1930’s through the 1940’s when the industry was young and Hollywood stars were larger than life. Some of the greatest Movie Posters of all times came from the amazing and memorable movies from this era, and even into the next century, producers continue to try to make movies that can rival the greatest ones of this long ago period.

One of the most memorable movie posters was from the epic movie in 1936, “Gone With the Wind” starting Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh. One glance of that look of pure passion between Scarlett and Rhett with Tara in the background evokes images of war, heroism, and the greatest love of all times. In addition, it evokes the memory of the “Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn” line that shocked audiences around the country.

From the burning images of wartime to the Emerald City three years later, “The Wizard of Oz” movie produced a movie poster that brings great memories from “kids” of all ages. From the scary Wicked Witch of the East crushed under Dorothy Gale’s House to the beautiful Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, Munchkin Land, and the Emerald City of Oz. This great poster evokes images of Dorothy, the Scare Crow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and of course Toto following the yellow brick road as they go off to see the wizard. Wanting nothing more than a brain, a heart, some courage, and to go home; their journey ranges from terrifying images of the Wicked Witch of the West to the glorious Emerald City and the Munchkins along the way to finally find what they had all along.

One of the supreme love stories of all times is Emily Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” and the movie inspired the movie poster of the great Heathcliff and his beloved Catherine inspires images of this great love in the 19th century along the English Moors. Looking at this great poster brings back images of Heathcliff as the stable boy and Catherine running off with the wealthy neighbor, forsaking the one who truly loved her. One can still look at this one and feel the cold winter chill of the foggy moors of England.

1939 was an amazing year for movies, and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is one of Jimmy Stewart and Jean Arthur’s most memorable films. Winning 11 Academy Awards, and launching Jimmy Stewart into superstardom, this movie poster evokes memories of Jefferson Smith coming to Washington and being overwhelmed by the crooked politicians of the time. The filibuster that Mr. Smith leads in the Senate continues for hours without him relinquishing control of the floor, allowing his constituents to rally around him to beat the powerful machine is one of the greatest, and most inspiring movies of all times. The world certainly needs more Jefferson Smith’s in their government.

Along with many more in the list, “Casablanca” still stands as one of the top five and the movie poster evokes images of Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman during World War II, set in Casablanca. From the fight against the Nazis and the Resistance leaders, this poster reminds one of love and war as Time Goes By.

These effective movie posters from the Golden Age of Film easily remind one of the greatest stories ever told and travels of faraway places and long remembered stories.

Poker is one of those things that have been a part of our culture for as long as anyone can remember. Poker was originally played to help deal with boredom, after all there was not any television, radio, or movies and a large portion of the population did not know how to read. Poker was also a way to earn some money and professional poker players have always moved from one game to the next in an attempt to earn a living. The game of poker has always triggered people’s imagination which is why so many movies about poker have been made.


The most famous of all the poker movies is without a doubt The Rounders. When people think of great poker movies this is invariably the first one that comes to mind. While Rounder might not be the most famous of all Matt Damon’s movies, it is the one that really established him as an A lister.

Like most movies about poker, Rounders has a fairly simple plot. Two friends owe a huge debt and in an attempt to earn the money to pay the debt, they play Texas Hold ’em. What made the movie so good was Matt Damon’s amazing performance. The movie showcased just how well developed his acting skills had become. In an interesting twist, Damon became so skilled at playing poker that he went on to compete in the World Series of Poker.

The movie has developed quite a following which consists mostly of poker fans. Many people feel that recent surge in popularity of Texas Hold ’em is directly connected to the movie.


Maverick did not originally start out as a movie, but rather a television show, that starred James Garner as Brett Maverick. Later, when the movie was made, Garner was cast, not in the role that he originally made famous, but as the father. The movie stayed true to the original concept with Maverick as a lovable professional poker player with a heart of gold and knack for getting into tight spots.

The plot of the Maverick movie is simple. There is an important tournament and Maverick wants to enter. The only problem is that he does not quite have enough money for the entry fee. In his quest to reclaim money that he has loaned to friends, Maverick suffers a series of setbacks that include a seductress who is not quite what she seems, and assassination plot, a deadly stage coach ride, and friends who do not have Maverick’s best interests in mind.

The Gambler

The Gambler is one of those rare stories that manage to connect different forms of artwork. It started out as a really great story song. The tale of a young up and comer receiving advice from an elderly poker player who has passed away at the end of the song. The song was so popular, that it was later turned into a movie. In an unexpected twist, the role of the Gambler went to Kenny Rogers, who originally sang the song.

Over the centuries, gambling has remained to be one of mankind’s favorite pastimes. With the different risks and probabilities involved in losing or winning money, gambling presents the ultimate experience in living life. As time has passed, the presentation of machines to allow you to gamble on your own has brought about a new level of addictive gaming that has kept many players riveted. At this point in time, we have reached the age of Internet gambling wherein gambling can now be played online either connecting players from different places or allowing players to play on a solitary basis.

When you decide to play Internet casino games and it is your first time, it is always best to be cautious and prudent about what you are getting into. With hundreds of websites available today to do Internet gambling, their proliferation has also marked an increase in online fraud. So to avoid being part of something illegal or a scam, it is best to stay safe and do the following:

(1) Read and understand the terms of service for the casino you have chosen to play at;

(2) Make sure that there is customer assistance and service available to you if you run into any problems; and

(3) find out if you can take advantage of special offers and bonuses as a new player.

The best part of Internet gambling on sites like FullTiltPoker.com and PokerRockets.com is that you do not physically need to go to a casino to play the different games. Now, you can simply switch on the computer from the comfort of your own home and opt to play alone or with other players online. More often than not, your favorite game will be available online and you can go straight to playing that instead of waiting your turn.

Internet gambling also requires that you set up an account where you deposit actual money to play your games with. This account will be the bankroll that you can use when you make your bets at the virtual tables. This online account is important in you being eligible to play and eligible to receive winnings. Usually, when you register and open up an account at a specific casino, you can do so by using your credit card or other payment methods (like PayPal) depending which payment schemes the casino you have chosen accepts.

Once you have chosen an Internet casino, set up an account, fund it, and you are ready to begin playing your favorite games at the Internet casino you have chosen.

Regular poker players are generally aware of rakeback benefits. However, amateurs and new online poker fans may not be entirely familiar with this advantage. This article is aimed at educating such poker enthusiasts who want to choose good poker rooms based on the rakeback policies offered there, which is one of the most favorable factors that make a virtual poker deal with an online casino nothing short of an investment.

In a nutshell, new players need to remember that good poker rakeback deals are a sign of a reliable poker room. For frequent players, getting a good rakeback deal is a bonus in terms of their earnings from poker games since they must be giving a good rake amount to the house for frequent games.

In fact, sit and go players in online poker rooms have a reciprocal relationship with the house because these need regular players to keep the room monetized just as much as the players need to make money.

To earn money from rakeback it is important to understand rake and rakeback opportunities. The fee charged by poker rooms is the rake so in a $25+1 tourney, $25 go to prize while $1 is the house fee. Most online poker rooms charge 5% to 20% as rake and unless a player has rakeback, this amount of money is considered lost as a participant’s charge for being allowed to enter a tournament.

In online poker rooms that offer rakeback, the player wins this fee back because top poker rooms want to retain old players who are good at the game and get new visitors (who initially play free games) to sign up for bigger games. So, if you are a good player, you can expect to win anywhere from 25% to 40% reverted to your member account at the end of the month based on the rake money you pay.

For players who play poker online just occasionally, this may not seem a significant amount to win back but for regular players, this can be a substantial amount, especially if one considers that instances where a player enters 7 or 8 Sit-and-Go tournaments daily because rakeback could total $150-$175 for them by the month’s end!

The first step to earning through rakeback is to sign up with a portal that offers this deal, and here is where doing some basic internet research for rooms offering the best rakeback (for example, no fees, quick rakeback, good percentages etc.) can help you participate in best rakeback promotion deals as well as special tournaments for new users!

You should also check out the kind of traffic that the best rakeback portals report as well as verify if rakeback is for new users that have freshly registered with them. If you have accounts with several portals, you may not qualify for rakeback deals if you don’t have real money in your user account (play cash games) or didn’t mention this during your sign up.

Take care to also check the best rakeback percentage offered to you by your preferred poker room. The good ones offer anywhere from 27 to 33% but you may have to test some portals to find the ones with best returns, especially if you play high stakes poker.

If you are planning to participate in a Texas holdem poker tournament, then you should know that there would be a lot of work for you to do. The tips that have been given here will help you with lower value tournaments with a buy in of up to $20. Above that buy in value, the participants tend to be very skilled so you would require more advanced strategies. However, for lower value poker tournaments, the tips here will help you out and make you last longer in the tournament.

Play tight

One of the most important tip to remember when playing a tournament is to play tight. What this means is that you should only play hands that are very good or excellent. Pairs like AJ, KQ, AK AQ, suited connectors are good cards. It may be very hard to follow this suggestion and you would be required to be very disciplined if you want to pull it off. However, if you do you would definitely win a lot of money.

Be aggressive

If you do get a hand that you are planning to play then do it aggressively. Do not limp in just to see what would happen. Put PokerStar bets that are so strong that would force all or at least most of the opponents out of the hand. Every player that is left at the flop would have the chance of taking the pot, even if they are calling really bad hands. Anybody could be lucky at the flop so it would be important for you to remove as many opponents as possible. You should also remember that your AQ and AK would not really be useful unless you get something that would improve it.

Avoid going all in

Quite a lot of times in tournaments you can see players that take stupid decisions like going all in just during the first few rounds to win nothing at all other than the blinds. If you are starting out with somewhere around 1500 chips and if the blinds are 10 and 20, there are chances that you may get a starting hand like AA. In the mid position there could be a few players who would go all in at this point to double up by getting a call. Avoid calling it. Even if everyone else has folded, you would be risking your 1500 only to win 30. Your odds at the best scenario for winning would only be ¼ which is not a good gamble.

These were the three most important tips that you should remember when participating in Texas holdem tournaments. When you participate in a tournament, you should stay completely focused all throughout the tournament. All of these tips are only guidelines and have to be used according to the situation. Sometimes, even the best of the tips would fail to work if you are facing a bad streak so you would just have to accept it and move on.

Winning an online poker tournament on FullTiltPoker.com is a difficult thing to do. Depending on what type of tournament you are playing in, there could be thousands of players that are all vying for victory and that produces a lot of competition. Additionally, being able to win requires a number of different things from you as a player. Obviously, there is a lot of skill necessary but there is also a good deal of luck required as well. With that said, however, you can greatly increase your chances by playing well and following the rules to good poker play.

During the early phases of the tournament, you are going to have to be aggressive in separating weak players from their chips. Your best chance to get an edge on the crowd and get your chip stack well above the average is during the first stage of play. This is when the weakest players are pushed out and making sure that you are doing a lot of the pushing is vital.

During the stage of play after you get the full tilt download and before the bubble is another opportunity for you to make a move at growing the size of your stack. If you are planning to win, you are going to need to enter this phase of the tournament with a healthy chip stack and hopefully well above the average. If you are in this situation, you can use the tight play of other people to your advantage and continue to scoop up chips by applying pressure to anyone who is in the hand. Do not be afraid to push all-in if you are facing up against a shorter stack because chances are good they will fold to avoid being knocked out before the bubble.

After the bubble has popped and you are officially in the money, you cannot sit on your laurels and relax. You are, after all, trying to win the tournament. During this phase of play, you are going to want to try to grow your chip stack without putting yourself in a position where there is excessive downside risk. If you continue to attack the short stacked and weak players around you, you should see sufficient growth in your stack that will hopefully get you to the final table.

If you have made it to the final table in the VegasPokerPro.com tournament, you are going to need to be at the top of your game to win. I hope that you are not one of the shorter stacks at the table and can participate in the hands. In order to win the whole tournament, you are going to need to be at the top of your game and doing everything right as well as getting some luck to go your way. If you play smartly and luck is on your side, you are well on your way to victory.

Movie posters are a fun way to show off how much you admire and respect your favorite movie. Most of them are unique and are very affordable.

Finding movie posters for contemporary movies is not a problem. They seem to be everywhere. At least they are for the really popular movie, such as the Twilight and Harry Potter series. Finding the movie posters for less popular movies can be a little more complicated but it is not really hard. Most of the movies have websites where fans can purchase all sorts of memorabilia including a poster for the movie.

Locating movies posters from the movies of yesteryear is more difficult, but it is not possible. There are several places that the posters can be found. Right now the best place to find movie posters from old movies is the internet.

Online auctions are a great source for these movie posters. If you are purchasing a poster from an online auction you need to be very careful. The first thing to consider is that the poster might not be authentic, but rather something that someone created on their own. The second thing to consider is the condition of the poster. Ask the seller to forward you several close up pictures of the poster you are bidding on. You want to make sure that the poster is not stained, torn, creased, or wrinkled. Keep the pictures so that you can make sure that the poster you get is the one you actually purchased.

Another great source for old movie posters is flea markets. The individuals who sell wares at the flea markets always seem to have a bin of old things like movie posters and records that cannot be found anywhere else. Once again you want to make sure that the poster is in good shape before you purchase. After making the purchase put the poster in your care right away. Flea markets are crowded; people are always bumping into one another. Keeping the poster in your car eliminates the chances that it will be crushed.

Once you have found the perfect movie poster you want to make sure that it is properly displayed. This means you are going to need to get it framed. The cheapest way to get something framed is by purchasing the frame from a discount store like Wal-Mart or Meijer’s. These frames usually are affordable, but tend to be made out of plastic. If you prefer to get a good looking wooden frame for your poster, you need to go to a framer. Not only will the framer be able to find a good quality frame, they will also be able to come up with one that enhances your poster.

After framing you poster, you will want to make sure that you hang it somewhere that is well lit, but where the poster will not be exposed to direct sunlight which will cause it to fade. If you have pets or small children you want to make sure that the poster is up high enough so that they cannot knock it off the wall when they are playing.